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Blackjack online, before you hit the deck and start dishing out the chips for real money, here we have a few article on rules, strategy and free games to give you the full know how and keep your basic strategy up to date with the games that come out. We have dealt you a few in the section below which are used by regulated casinos online. You’ll find what we have to say as great support and this page will always be updated with new games and tactics as and when they come about. Depending on experience the games are well suited for all whether you beginner or expert, feel free to play as long as you want and often as you like.

We’ll guide you through the game from the original tables to the action found within the variants going, so welcome to our blackjack section.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games because unlike most casino games, Blackjack gives the player the opportunity to control the course of the game. Nowadays, due to the terrific expansion of online casinos, Blackjack is only one of many well-known available card games. Nevertheless, it attracts countless players all over the world. This article will provide information on the history and origins of Blackjack as well as some of its applicable strategies.

You’ll also find on this page a section of free blackjack games to play, there are a good number on offer to practice with, without having to spend any money. You’ll be able to learn the strategies we offer in our other articles and play instant free blackjack practice games to hit them with. There you’ll find your own system of play and you may adapt your own technique. You’ll have no problem when it comes to beating the house edge in a real money game after getting a good dose of free online gaming under your belt and that’s really where you need to start.

Learn the history of the game and how it moved on to a simple case of playing blackjack online for fun

As is the case for most of card games, it‘s not so easy to retrace the origins of Blackjack. Indeed, the complexity of its rules has slowly changed over time. For years, several styles were combined. But what we are certain about is that Blackjack was born in the 17th century in France. The closest ancestor of Blackjack was a famous card game of the time entitled “Twenty one ”. Rules were slightly different from the modern game that now invades our casino rooms: the dealer could, for instance, double at any moment and there was a betting round between each card’s redistributions. Another similar game is the Spanish "Trento-one", where the goal is to reach thirty-one with at least three cards.

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The game arrived in North America in the 19th century when European immigrants settled down in the country. The route crossing Las Vegas in Nevada eventually became legal for gambling and everyone could enjoy the game freely. Nevertheless, Blackjack was not quite popular back at this time as it lived in the shadow of more popular games: craps and roulette. In order to attract players, casinos set up different bonus programs to make Blackjack more attractive. One of these bonuses paid 10-1 and was issued when players acquired a 21 with an Ace of Spades and a ‘Black Jack’, hence the word we are now used to saying while playing it.

The game has now reached un-thinkable levels now within the US, slots have taken a back seat whilst blackjack now rules the roost. The game has gone from playing online to playing on T.V as part of huge sponsored broadcasts from Vegas tournaments. For those that win, they walk away with super total of multi-million dollars and for those that continue to win, they become public knowledge throughout all media and social media networks. Such is the way in America where everything has to be bigger and better! So forget privacy, if you want your face in the public domain, win a blackjack tournament.

All this aside it’s a clear sign the gambling taboo is slowly lifting, what started as a near shameful activity is now applauded upon success. It would seem that the value of people’s opinions towards gambling waver somewhat based upon realising the amounts that can be won.

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When you play online Blackjack correctly, casinos generally make less income (the current rate is of 0.5%).

With Blackjack, you can use a great deal of strategies, some more or less basic, others rather complex. As Blackjack has gained popularity, winning formulas have been mathematically proven to ensure players an optimal gain. The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack, written by the American author Baldwin relates the different theorems applicable to Blackjack. Moreover, the 19th century witnessed an incredible amount of books’ publication of the same type. Mathematicians have found opportunities to improve playing by counting cards at blackjack. Beat The Dealer, written by Edward O. Thorpe, even explains how to beat the one who represents the authority figure during the game: the dealer.

Thorpe was the true pioneer of Blackjack strategy. He offered relevant analyses about the advantages of casinos as well as playable dimensions and mathematical measures to maximize the chances of winning. Nowadays, more complex strategies have been born thanks to computerized simulations implemented by talented players and professional teams. This way, average people can take the lead thanks to statistically proven theories and earn a lot of money. Nevertheless, these methods seemed to have been banned by most real casinos. These simulations gave clear answers on questions that players frequently wonder: should I take insurance in Blackjack? What is the redistribution rate? What is the winning shots’ frequency?

Nevertheless, you should not worry. We will give you the answers to these very important questions throughout the articles published on our website and if you think there is one on card counting then unfortunately it will no help when playing online, but your optimism is admired. The best of luck to you.