How to Play Online Blackjack

By Combining both probability and great profits, Blackjack is the most popular card table. However, for beginners, it is recommended to start with online Blackjack. This is because these platforms integrate software that guides new players who don’t understand the intricacies of the game.

The general direction in winning in this type of game is to ensure you beat the dealer’s hand. A player must get a total of 21 Blackjack or less.

More importantly, there are different types of online Blackjack in which the basic rules are the same with minor variations in the number of decks used, gaming options, and payouts.

In this regard, we will explore different types of online Blackjack and the basic rules on how to play them.

Classic Blackjack

It is also known as the regular Blackjack. It is the most popular mode of the game and it is played in the traditional Blackjack game. When playing it online you interact with one up to eight decks. In the game, the player and dealer are dealt with 2 cards. Dealer’s card is known as a hole card and it is usually face down. You stand to win real money if the card hand is equal to 21 or less. Otherwise, you lose: a scenario known as losing hand or bust deal. A natural Blackjack is when the dealt cards give an outcome that face value and ace equals to 21.

Progressive Blackjack

In this mode, the player is allowed to win the increasing jackpot. In simple, there is an extra $1 bet, which has to be placed progressively if you want to stand a chance to win the jackpot.

European Jackpot

The major difference between this game and Classic Blackjack is that the two cards dealt to both the player and the dealer are face up. The dealer’s hole card is never dealt until the player in question decides on how to proceed with his cards.

Atlantic City Blackjack

The game allows the dealer to take a peek at his hole card in order to stand on a soft spot. More importantly, there is an option of insurance and late surrender.

Basic Rules

As we mentioned earlier, the rules of playing different online Blackjack are basically the same with minor variations. Some of the steps involved include:

  • Making Bets

This process involves picking the amounts you wish to stake on the bet at hand. The most common range is between $1-$100. Once you complete the process of making bet you press “Deal’ in order to receive your cards.

  • Playing your Hand

By dealing your cards you get an option to stand, hit, or double down. If a player dealt a double, they will be given an option to split. By selecting any of the above options listed above, the software will automatically deal your cards and the dealer’s cards. the money will be paid depending on the outcome at hand.

  • Help Screen

Playing online Blackjack is a straightforward process. However, if unsure of anything, it is always recommended you use the help screen. By selecting this option, you learn all the rules of the game.

  • Depositing and Withdrawing

This is a very crucial process to familiarize yourself with, if you intend to make real money while playing online Blackjack. Sadly, there is no universal payment method in this game and the methods differ from one country to another. Therefore, it is always important to check the online casino cashier page to understand the modes of available payment methods.