Popular Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Casinos have taken over the gaming world, and it is thrilling. There are pulsating lights, glamor and glitz to consider. However, the main factor that encourages customers to come back is bonuses. Because of the excellent bonuses offered by online casinos, land-based casinos are getting a run for their money. The amount will vary from one casino to the next. If you are starting, you may want to find out more about how many types of casino bonuses there are and how you can benefit.

Welcome bonuses

These are the most common bonus. They are often offered to new punters immediately after sign up. In many cases, they are 100% match up to specific amounts. This usually means that if you deposit the amount of money specified, you will receive double that amount from playing with. Some casinos offer only 50% as their welcome bonus. Anything above 200% should be carefully looked into. You will always get more information from the casino on how you can access their bonuses.

No deposit bonus

These are bonuses designed for players to get their benefits from specific casinos without necessarily depositing their own money. Most of the newer casinos will use this as a promotions tactic to get more customers. However, you need to carefully check the restrictions that come with the no deposit bonuses. In most cases, they will have a higher wagering requirement and other restrictions to reduce the level of abuse. If you take this bonus, you will also have to deposit some of your money to participate in games. You may not be able to withdraw your winnings if you do not deposit your money.
You may also not be allowed to participate in games like blackjack because of its low house edge. Compared to other types of casino bonuses, the no deposit bonus has a higher wagering requirement.

Deposit/ Monthly bonus

These are also called loyalty, reload, or deposit bonuses. You typically get these bonuses each month as a way to encourage you to continue playing. These are often not publicized, so you may not know if the casino offers then until the end of the month. The bonus is also dependent on how frequently you play and how much you deposit each month. You will receive email notification of how much you have gotten. They are not as high as welcome bonuses, but it depends on how frequently you play.

Payment method bonus

These give you a wide range of banking methods that you can withdraw and deposit funds. Casinos use this type of bonuses to encourage players to use certain types of payment methods. The welcome bonus may be increased for new customers who use the specified method. The payment method bonus is mostly used to encourage users to use e-wallets.

High roller casino bonus

Most casinos will want to attract players who play more and deposit large amounts of money. These players are known as VIPs, rollers or whales. They get higher bonuses because they deposit and spend more. They are also offered other perks like tickets to certain events. The welcome bonus may not be lucrative to the high roller.

Refer a friend bonus

Just as the name suggests, there is a bonus when you refer a friend to the casino. This is their way of getting more customers without spending thousands of dollars on advertising.

Casino bonuses are meant to increase customer participation in addition to attracting more players. These incentives often go a long way in making the play meaningful to both the casino and its players.